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Meet Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers

- So at Morris & Dewett, the only thing we do now is personal injury. When I started out, we did insurance defense. We did a few other things, but over time I recognized there was more we could do to help people than to work for the insurance company. But over time, that knowledge we'd developed with working for insurance companies helps us quite a bit to understand what we need to do and when we need to do it to have really the highest possibility to either settle the case or get a good verdict.

- As a personal injury litigator, you're faced with a different person each time. it's very personable. The title is exactly what we do. We don't deal with corporations. We don't deal with mergers and acquisitions. We deal with people.

- The reason that you want to pick Morris & Dewett is because our reputation speaks for itself. You could ask any attorney in town, if they were to get into a wreck, if they were to get injured, or one of their loved ones to get injured, who would they go see?

- When you take on a case, then someone has significant injuries and they've placed all of their trust and their faith in you, and you get to know the families over time. You get to know the friends of the families and you know how important it is to either get the person back out to where they can do some meaningful kind of work or to provide for them if they can't work. And when you have all of that trust placed in you, it is a load to bear. There is a certain reward, no matter what the verdict is or the settlement, where you know, they started with nothing and now we've got them to this point and we can turn their lives back over to them and start helping the next people.

- We don't make it a habit to lose. And that's kind of the life model for most of us. We either played sports or we were military, or we grew up on different terms than where we are now. So we fight in the courtroom like we fight in life and it usually ends up being pretty successful.