Louisiana & Texas Personal Injury Lawyers

Do You Need an Attorney If You Have Been Injured In An Accident?

- If you're injured in an accident, the question comes up often, "Will I need an attorney?" And if you're in a situation where you've actually got more of a serious injury and it's gonna change your quality of life, or it's gonna change your ability to work for your family, lawyers know how to handle that situation. There's a reason insurance companies don't want people to get lawyers, and that's because they know these things can be very, very expensive in the future for the insurance company if the person knows what they're doing.

- We have the experience, we've been there before, and you really can't give us a scenario that we haven't had in the past. And we got a great team here, a lotta great attorneys. We work together, and work together on all of 'em, and we work with the best experts in the field. And so when you comprise that kinda team, is when you can get the best outcome, financially, for the client.

- When you've decided that you think you may need an attorney, you don't even have to be sure, it's simple, you can call in. A lawyer's gonna sit down with you, probably that day, because it's very, very important for us to preserve evidence in every case, no matter how big the case, no matter how small the case. Come in, we'll tell you what evidence you need to preserve, what pictures you need to take, what documents you need to keep, what reports you need to get. That won't cost you a thing. If you wanna hire us after talkin' with us, it's just a simple form we fill out. We're able to start retrieving your medical records that day. We're able to start putting things together that day, because the sooner you hire someone, the quicker you can come to resolution.