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Have you or a loved one suffered injury in an accident caused by a truck driver or truck company? Our Shreveport truck accident attorneys have recovered millions helping people who have suffered personal injury from the negligence of others. The sooner you reach out to our firm, the sooner we can help you pursue the financial compensation to which you may be entitled.

Why Truck Accidents Often Have Devastating Impacts

The legal weight limit for an 18-wheeler is 40 tons, or 80,000 pounds. It can be more with special permits. The average car weight is around 5000 pounds. Due to their size and weight, it takes about 40% longer to stop one of these trucks than a regular vehicle. It does not take much imagination to realize what would happen if an 18-wheeler struck an automobile head-on, from the rear or from the side. They cause tremendous destruction. To compound the problem, truck drivers commonly have sleeping issues which can result in tired drivers.

Commercial trucking companies must comply with strict regulations that are designed to protect drivers, passengers and pedestrians from the devastating effects of a truck accident. If these regulations are violated and this negligence has resulted in injury to yourself or a loved one, get ahold of our firm to fight for just compensation.

Who is Liable in a Truck Accident?

Unlike car accidents where liability is generally straightforward, determining liability in truck accident cases can be complex. Usually one of three people or entities can be held responsible, the truck driver, the company the driver is employed by, or the truck manufacturer

Truck Driver

Truck drivers can generally be held liable if they are an independent contractor of the company they are working for or if they were driving with negligence. Typically, a driver is an independent contractor if they drive and maintain their own truck and follow their own schedule.

Trucking Company

Since employers are responsible for their employees while they are at work a company can be held responsible if there is any reason, they should have reasonable known of a driver’s negligent behavior. Sometimes companies will push the legal limits of how many hours a driver can be on the road in one day, leading the driver fatigue and dangerous driving.


Manufacturers can be held liable if they failed to perform certain safety precautions, or to properly communicate truck functionality to the consumer.

Fighting for Full & Fair Compensation

Being involved in an accident with a commercial truck has the extreme danger of causing severe or permanent injury or death to innocent people. Tragically, these accidents happen and they ruin lives and permanently alter the futures of those involved. Broken bones cause enough disruption to one's life.

Unfortunately, much greater harm can result:

If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident or if a wrongful death has occurred in your family, the healing process can begin with help from a Shreveport injury lawyer at our firm. You are probably facing significant threats to your future happiness when you contemplate your recovery, medical costs and any life-altering consequences you may have suffered.

We can help you to fight to recover satisfactory financial compensation that will enable you to relieve some of the burdens you now bear. We have decades of experience helping clients with personal injury claims. We have achieved superior results.

Why You Need an Attorney for Your Truck Accident Claim

Large trucking companies will have large law firms representing their interests. They also have insurance companies that have significant legal representation. If you have been in an accident with an 18-wheeler you also need to have professional and experienced legal counsel. Their attorneys are going to be arguing and negotiating for the best interests of their clients.

When it comes to financial settlement to compensate for damages and injuries, they will often want to pay out the least possible amount that they can get manage. It is only fair that you would have effective legal representation with one thing in mind: reaching the best possible outcome for you.

You want the best possible legal representation that you can get to protect your right to the compensation you truly deserve. Call our Shreveport truck accident lawyer today.

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