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Why Investing in a Dashcam Could Save Your Claim

3 Benefits of Having a Dashcam

With the new wave of technology making vehicles "smarter," many drivers are looking for options that can serve multiple purposes of function and safety. Until recently, one addition was only thought for emergency vehicles and rideshare drivers–the dashboard camera (commonly known as a "dashcam"). However, dashcams are quickly becoming an option for all drivers to protect their liability following a crash. If you are considering purchasing a dashcam, here are some of the benefits you should know.

#1. Dashcam Footage is Crucial Evidence

If you find yourself in an accident, there is no guarantee the other driver will tell the truth about what happened. Dashcam video provides concrete evidence for insurance companies and law enforcement to review when determining fault. The footage can show whether a driver was speeding, crossing into your lane, or otherwise acting recklessly–which makes it easier to prove your case and make sure you receive the compensation you deserve.

#2. Dashcam Footage Can Help Prevent False Claims

Fraudulent crash claims are unfortunately common and can lead to significant financial losses for innocent drivers. However, with a dashcam recording your vehicle's activity at all times, potential fraudsters will think twice about filing a false claim against you. That's because the dashcam footage can be used as evidence to show that you were not at fault for the accident.

#3. Dashcams Provide an Extra Layer of Security

Dashcams are not just useful in the event of a crash–they also provide an added layer of safety while you are on the road. Having a dashcam installed in your vehicle lets you be aware of your surroundings and helps protect you from potential hazards. For example, if someone attempts to vandalize or rob your car while it is parked, the footage captured by the dashcam can help law enforcement catch the perpetrator.

Ultimately, installing a dashcam in your vehicle is an important decision that can help protect you and provide valuable evidence in the event of a crash.

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