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Pursuing Compensation for Burns Following an Oilfield Accident

Anyone who works in the oil and gas industry knows that accidents happen when you least expect them to, commonly resulting in injuries to workers. In the best possible scenario, an oilfield worker who sustains an injury on the job would receive the compensation necessary through workers’ compensation to cover their medical expenses and lost wages.

Unfortunately, certain hazards inherent to this industry can lead to catastrophic injuries that may never truly heal. For instance, burns are a common injury sustained by oilfield workers that can cause permanent damage and present life-altering ramifications.

Common Types of Burns in the Oil and Gas Industry

Burn injuries are categorized as either first-degree, second-degree, or-third degree burns, with the higher degree indicating a more severe and deeper wound. For instance, while first-degree burns may cause damage to the outer skin, third-degree burns can damage muscle tissue and even bones. There is also a risk of infection.

Additionally, not all burns are caused by flame. Oilfield workers my experience various types fo burns, which vary by the element that caused the injury. Some examples include:

  • Thermal Burns. Occurs when skin is exposed to excessive heat, such as flame.
  • Friction Burns. Occurs when a hard or abrasive object rubs against the skin.
  • Chemical Burns. Occurs when strong acids or solvents touch the skin.
  • Electrical Burns. Occurs when one comes into contact with an electrical current.

Your Rights After Being Burned on the Job

The compensation you receive as a result of your burn injuries will depend on many factors. These factores may include the severity of your injuries, whether permanent damage was done, whether you developed scars, where the burns are located, and how the burns have affected you physically and emotionally.

There are typically two avenues that a burn injury victim may be able to pursue after an oilfield accident in Louisiana. It’s crucial to hire an attorney after sustaining burns in an oilfield accident. Your attorney can review your case and determine whether either or both of the options below can be pursued to obtain compensation for your injuries:

  • Workers’ Compensation.
  • Personal Injury Lawsuit.

Pursuing Justice and Compensation on Your Behalf

While no amount of compensation may negate the traumatic ordeal you went through and the pain and suffering you experienced, we believe that you deserve justice and rightful compensation for your burn injuries. Our oilfield accident attorneys are here to advocate on your behalf while providing compassionate legal services throughout your case.

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