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Man Sues over Defective Toe Implants

A man is suing medical providers and a manufacturer for toe implants that broke, which required him to go through additional surgeries. The plaintiff is accusing the implant manufacturer of creating a defective product, and he is blaming medical providers for not diagnosing this condition earlier, resulting in additional injuries. As the broken implants necessitated two more surgeries, this caused further pain as well as additional medical bills. The lawsuit's allegations of negligence include claims of selling an unsafe product, of poorly designing the product, and further failing to warn about the product's dangerous defects. The plaintiff is seeking compensation for his medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

While the lawsuit goes after some of the defendants for a failure to diagnose, this claim appears to mainly be a product liability claim. These cases center on dangerous products that have inflicted harm because they were defectively made, defectively designed, and/or the distributor of manufacturer failed to warn others of the potential risks of the product. But it takes more than proving that a dangerous product had a defect. A plaintiff would also have to prove that they were injured, AND that these injuries were directly caused by the defect in a product. While there are further issues that can complicate a product liability claim, the main thrust of the argument on its own can be a highly technical matter, a difficult case that requires a legal expert to handle.

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