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Louisiana Man Critically Injured in Motorcycle Accident

Sunday, January 19, a motorcycle accident in Hancock County, Mississippi, left a 20-year-old man from Louisiana in critical condition. According to officials, the man was riding with around 20 other bikers along a sharp bend in the road, at which point the man's motorcycle veered off the road. He sustained severe injuries and had to be air-lifted to a medical center. Another motorcyclist was injured in the accident and was driven in a private vehicle to the hospital.

As grave as any accident is, motorcycle accidents are particularly serious. Even with a helmet on, a motorcyclist has nothing else to shield him or her from impact, often resulting in catastrophic injuries, even if no other vehicle is involved. Whereas in a one-car accident, the driver has a seat belt, an airbag, and a metal frame and windshield to protect them, a motorcyclist takes on the full brunt of the trauma as well as the momentum, which can send them skidding along the road. Whether a motorcyclist sustains broken bones, head trauma, spinal cord damage, road rash, and more, they could be looking at serious, potentially permanent or life-threatening injuries. On top of physical pain and suffering, those injured in a motorcycle accident also face severe financial losses. Medical bills rack up, vehicle repair or replacement will be costly, and injuries could mean weeks or months of missed pay from work.

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