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Louisiana Judge Sues over Car Accident

A lawsuit in Gretna has been filed by a Jefferson Parish judge, seeking compensation for injuries she said she sustained in an auto accident. According to her claim, she was stopped at an intersection when another car slammed into the back of hers. As a result, she says that sustained spinal cord injuries and injuries to her right shoulder and arm, injuries that cause radiating pain, and of course, entail a pile of medical bills. She alleges that the other driver was negligent by failing to pay attention to what lay ahead, by following her vehicle too closely, and by violating other laws of traffic. As the car the defendant was driving was a company car, the driver's employer is included in the suit. This plaintiff is looking to recover damages for physical and mental suffering, permanent disability, medical costs, lost earning capacity, and more.

In rear-end accidents, it will almost always be clear who is at fault. These crashes are usually 100 percent the fault of the person behind you, who simply failed to stop in time. But if you have been in any car accident that was caused by someone else, you may be entitled to an ample amount of compensation, which can enable you to pay off your car and medical bills, as well as to make up for any wages you have missed from taking time off work. You could also recover what you had to pay for towing or for a rental car, as well as for other expenses related to the vehicle collision.

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