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Understanding Dog-Bite Laws in Louisiana

According to section 2321 of the Louisiana Civil Code, Louisiana is a strict liability state when it comes to dog bite laws, this means that an owner is liable for any damage done by their dog, including biting, regardless of whether or not they knew that the dog was or could be dangerous.

While the owner of an animal may not have acted negligently themselves, they may be liable for your injury if:

  • Belongs to the person you sue
  • If you did nothing to bring on the attack
  • If you had a right to be there

In fact, the dog itself does not have to directly cause the injury. If the dog scares someone off by chasing them into the street, and that person is injured, then the dog (thus dog owner) is held responsible. If the dog owner did in fact act negligently, then you may be able to sue for this negligence.

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