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Camera Captures Footage of Sleeping Motorist Who Caused Hit and Run Accident

Police are still looking for a suspect who appeared on camera footage while committing a hit and run accident in Georgia. On Monday, October 21, a news channel team called law enforcement when they saw a truck stopped in the road, and the man behind the wheel was asleep with the engine on. At least one witness thought he might be drunk. The crew's cameras were recording footage of the man. A worker from the Georgia Department of Transportation HERO Unit arrived on the scene, and he tried to wake up the driver as well as to take the keys away. The driver did wake up, and then started tussling with the worker who was trying to get at the keys. The driver rode away, narrowly missing the worker, and his truck crashed into two vehicles ahead, leading to an accident that eventually involved three more cars. The worker tried once more to restrain the driver. He was able to remove the key from the truck's ignition, but the driver ran away on foot. The driver got up a tree and leapt over a barbed wire fence. And this was all caught on camera.

While this driver is still at large, the good news is that no one was severely hurt in this multi-vehicle accident. All the same, this accident led to car damage, and will probably lead to medical bills too. The other people involved in this accident should not have to pay for these damages. In a scenario like this one, the driver who is responsible for the accident should have their insurance cover everyone else for their property damage and medical expenses. But if you are in a hit and run accident, and you do not know who is responsible for the crash, there might still be a way to collect from insurance: through your own policy.

Some car insurance policies have uninsured or underinsured policies, which mean that your own insurer will cover damages when the other driver lacks sufficient coverage. So if you get into a crash with an uninsured driver, you may have a policy of your own from which you can recover damages. If you were in a hit and run accident, then an uninsured policy could cover you for this as well. To learn more about your options when it comes to getting the compensation you deserve after a car accident, do not hesitate to contact Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers. Our team of legal professionals has had decades of legal experience. Find out how a dedicated Shreveport injury lawyer can help you and your family when you call today.