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Shopping Injuries and Personal Injury Suits

Believe it or not, shopping can be an extremely dangerous experience if the shoppers are not careful. Unfortunately, no matter the caution a person may use when out and about, there are still present dangers everywhere, and this includes shopping for groceries, toys for the kids, home appliances, and the like. Generally speaking, a shopping injury is defined as something that causes harm to a person while they are at any sort of store, shopping mall or other form of retail establishment location. Whether a shopper injuries a minor injury all the way to a severe trauma.

While accidents may happen, there are a number of injuries that a shopper may experience which can be pointed back to the fault of the shop owner. This would include anything that violates the right for the shopper (and workers) to have an experience in a safe and hazard free environment. Shopping injuries can vary due to the array of possible types of locations you may be visiting. For example, clothing stores hazards will likely look differently than a grocery store or a furniture warehouse. Whatever the injury may be, if it was the result of an employee or employers failure to properly clean, maintain or otherwise provide a safe shopping experience, you may be able to purse a premises liability claim after your injury.

Perhaps you were walking down the isle at a grocery store and you slipped and fell because after the cleaning workers came through they failed to place a "wet floor" warning sign in the area. As a result of the fall you broke you wrist and your cell phone smashed to pieces. You may have a claim to pursue for their negligence. Other injuries may include falling objects, which can lead to minor or severe head injuries. In some situations, injuries may occur as a result of overcrowding in the stores, such as with Black Friday shopping. Even in the parking lot, it is the responsibility of the store or the city to maintain the parking lots; to keep them clean, the traffic lanes properly marked, ice and snow removed during the winter, etc.

In most cases, if you are injured while on the premises of a commercial property such as a mall or parking lot, etc. you will likely be able to file your claim by way of the state negligence laws for premises liability. These laws protect both the workers and shoppers from hazards that should have been prevented at the site. Proving negligence means that the owner was aware of the hazard and yet did nothing, they failed to properly maintain or inspect for said dangers, anything that caused actual damage to the shopper themselves, and more. In the event you were injured while shopping, contact a trusted Shreveport injury lawyer at Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers today to further discuss your case!