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Injury Claims and Your Police Report

In the event of an accident and injury, having a police report is extremely beneficial when seeking to prove the liability of another party or entity. In most cases police reports will be involved when there is any form of motor vehicle accident or a type of situation in which a law enforcement official needs to report to the scene. After one of these reports are made, for example in your car accident, it is within your right stop receive a copy of this document, however there is a possibility you will need to go to the local police station to pick up the copy and pay a small fee for printing. In other cases, they may choose to send you the document in the mail or by fax for free.

You may be concerned as to the ways in which a police report will help your case? While every case is unique, there is a likely chance that the police report won't actually be admissible if your case were to be taken to court. However, if you and your injury attorney deice to seek a settlement, this document can be extremely beneficial as it will likely prove the fault of the other person and discuss the every details of the accident. Factors that will be discussed during a settlement will include all of the conditions of the even itself: time, date, weather, location, etc. Also, they will discuss the fault and damages of the accident and essentially with a goal of having enough information to prove that the driver was responsible.

Having a police report is a valuable piece of the puzzle when proving an accident and injury claim; however the help of a Shreveport personal injury lawyer is going to be the most beneficial for your case. Considering contacting Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers today for the legal representation you deserve!