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Louisiana Car Accidents Result in 3 Weekend Injuries

This weekend there were two separate auto accidents in the state of Louisiana, resulting in the death of three victims. According to reports, one accident was on Saturday and the other Sunday, both located in the Southern part of the state. Saturday's accident occurred in the early evening, when a driver attempted to pass another car on the freeway, as a result of his decision to dangerously pass the other car, he crashed head on into an oncoming vehicle; both men were killed as a result of the impact of the head on collision, and the subsequent fire that erupted from the crash.

The three vehicle accident that occurred on Sunday is suspected to be caused by a drunk driver. The crash killed one victim and critically injured another two people in the third car. According to reports the man responsible was driving his car when he crashed into the first vehicle that was in front of him. The drier then crossed over the roads center divider line and hit an man in oncoming traffic. The second man was killed and pronounced dead at the scene of the incident, while the victims in the other vehicle are said to just be suffering from severe injuries at this time.

Sadly, car accidents are all too common in our society today; and more and more people are thinking that their reckless and negligent driving is going to get them to their desired location, when in reality it is harming the lives of innocent people. Though the driver of Saturdays accident was killed in the accident, the drunk driver from the second accident is still alive and is being treated for only minor injuries. The injured victims as well as the family of the man who died have the right to file for wrongful injury as well as wrongful death for the accident. If you or someone you know has been in a similar situation, contact Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers today for the Shreveport injury lawyer you deserve on your side.