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Abuse is Often Hidden at Nursing Homes

Statistics show that one out of every three elderly people will be abused or neglected in some way, particularly when in a nursing home care facility. There are an estimated 3.2 million elderly people receiving this treatment, and one in every three homes in the country have received some form of violations for abuse or neglect in their facilities, naming that at least 10 percent of the people behind their doors are subject to this cruelty. This type of treatment sounds so devastating, and it is hard to imagine that anyone would want to hurt a helpless individual. Sadly, this sort of treatment is extremely common, and many of our loved ones are being abused by their alleged caregivers in their nursing home facilities. What makes matters even worse is the fact that many times the nursing homes will attempt to cover up or hide the signs of neglect and abuse in their facilities so that family members will not be suspicious during their visits.

The numbers are even worse when you account for the facilities who just simply cannot offer the patients the care and treatments they need or deserve. At Least 91 percent of homes in the country are believed to be poorly staffed and lacking the proper training for the jobs they are handling. Understaffed nursing homes are all too common, and when there are not enough people, the patients are neglected which can lead to malnutrition, immobility and subsequent bed sores and infections, poor bathing, etc. All of these signs of neglect can result in terrible health issues for the patient's already fragile bodies, and often times it can claim their life because they are unable to fight off the illness.

Don't let your loved ones be subject to nursing home abuse. Be aware of the signs of abuse and neglect, and do allow for the homes to cover up what they are doing to your loved ones. Contact Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers today for a trusted Shreveport injury attorney who can help you with your legal matters!