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Workers Compensation Injury Eligibility

Workers' compensation is a means of financial assistance in the event that an employee was injured on the job. When a worker is injure, these benefits will offer some form of help with regards to medical expenses that may arise, disability time and lost wages from work, as well as death benefits in the event a family member died from their injury to help the family left behind. It is important to realize that not all injuries are covered under these benefits, though there are a number that will quality.

For example, if a worker has a preexisting condition that is merely aggravated by their current work place and therefore causes injury, the employer may still be held responsible for this injury. Say Johnny had a back injury from playing football a few years ago, and when working at the construction site he sustained an injury after lifting something too heavy without adequate equipment, he may want to consider pursing workers compensation benefits for his injury. Other injuries that may qualify him for benefits include an injury that is sustained while on break times or work related activities as well as on site injuries.

In the event that you find yourself diagnosed with diseases such as lung cancer or other concerns that are linked to toxic exposure, you may qualify as well, as these diseases may cause life changing injuries. Another category that is included is mental and physical strain that you incur as an employee. For an example, if you begin suffering from depression or anxiety as a result of the high stress demands from your employer, you may qualify for these benefits.

Unfortunately, there are times in which your employer may not offer you any compensation or the benefits may not be sufficient for your injury. In that case, contact a Shreveport injury attorney at Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers today to further discuss taking legal action.