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ATV Injuries on the Decline in Past Years

All-terrain vehicles have been known to be a lot of fun, especially for those of a younger age who enjoy dangers and thrills while driving through some dirt. However, while these vehicles may be a lot of fun, they are also extremely dangerous, especially for those of a younger age. According to studies, over the last ten years there has been a slight decrease in the total of accidents that have occurred. In 2004 there were an estimated 67 accidents for every 100,000 kids who rode an ATV and by 2010 that number had dropped by about one third of the incidents. However, though studies do show that the numbers are less than a decade again, in 2011 reports showed that nearly 57 out of every 100,000 kids under 16 were injured in these accidents.

Despite the overall trending decreases in ATV accidents, there are still far too many people, especially children, who are suffering as a result. Some researchers believe that it isn’t necessarily because of the ATV”s becoming less dangerous hat the accident ratio is declining, in fact they believe that the economic downturn over the past decade has played a significant factor. If homes are having a hard time paying their bills, there is less of a chance they will go out and buy an ATV for recreational use only. In some cases accidents are caused because of too much weight being placed on the vehicle, lack of training how to control the steering and in some cases defective products or malfunctions that lead to accidents.

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