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Mother Awarded Millions in Medical Malpractice Case

A Louisiana jury awarded $24 million to Tyronglia Willis, for a medical malpractice case involving her son, Ty'Kevion Kidd. The 9 year old boy sustained irreversible brain damage as a result of the malfunction of an infusion pump over seven years ago, when he was just a toddler. The pump was manufactured by medical technology companies Abbot Laboratories and Hospira Inc., who are being held mainly responsible for the damage. The jury is also holding the hospital that performed the surgery, Oschner Clinic Foundation, liable for Kidd's extensive impairment.

The jury determined that Oschner was only 35% responsible, while Abbot and Hospira were responsible for 65% of the damages due to the nature of the malfunction. It is the service representative's duty to oversee the functioning of the medical product being used in a surgery. For unknown reasons, the Hospira service representative that was overseeing Ty'Kevion's procedure was not held responsible but was dismissed as a defendant before any settlement was reached.

Ty'Kevion's case is just one of thousands of medical malpractice cases that happen every year in the United States. No matter how much experience a medical professional may have in a particular area of expertise, the procedures that they perform are complicated with many possibilities of error. Medical malpractice can occur due to a surgical mistake as in Kidd's case, or a range of other blunders from misdiagnosis to medication errors.

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