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Louisiana Carpenter Sues Company for Workplace Injuries

According to local news reports, a Louisiana man from Jefferson Parish is now choosing to take action against two separate construction companies, a property owner and the insurers for his work injury. Melvin D. Cross decided to take legal measures by suing these companies he believes to be responsible for his injuries that were not only severe, but they are also now permanent. According to his reports, while he was on the job at a property owned by Canal Indemnity Company, another construction worker dropped a piece of plywood on him.

Mr. Cross claims that because of the plywood landing on him, he will never be able to recover fully and he is now suing those he believes to be responsible for not creating a safe environment for the construction work to be accomplished. Cross states that they were working in a very dangerous condition that the company failed to conduct safety inspections or implement other protective measures. He claims that none of the defendants were upholding the standard safety regulations required by federal law and therefore they are responsible for his injuries and lifelong suffering.

At this time, Mr. Cross and his wife are now fighting for compensation of $50,000 for the damages caused by the injury including medical expenses, lost wages, disability, pain and suffering as well as loss of earning capacity now that he is permanently injured. Sadly, Mr. Cross is among the many of individuals who are victims to workplace incidents such as this. And while the tragedies should never occur in the first place, in the event they do the victim deserves he opportunity to fight for recovery and compensation. If you or someone you know is a victim of a wrongful injury in the workplace, contact Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers today for the Shreveport personal injury attorney you need during this time!