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According to the Law Motorists Must Yield to Pedestrians, But Do They?

While many individuals would prefer to save some gas and money by walking around their neighborhoods for local errands or for their place of employment. Despite our efforts to be more environmentally savvy, being a pedestrian in busy cities can be dangerous, and even in your quite neighborhood. The law states that motorists are to yield whenever there is a pedestrian, and yet sadly many drivers fail to take a full noticing of their surroundings resulting is serious injuries and fatalities.

In the state of Louisiana, all drivers are required to yield to a pedestrian, joggers and bicyclists when going through a cross walk. It is their responsibility to look before proceeding in order to keep the pedestrians safe from harm's way. While the law is looking out for the safety of pedestrians who use the crosswalks, what about the areas that do not have them? In that case, they are not technically as protected because the pedestrian is then required to yield to the cars instead of vice versa.

As stated by Louisiana Revised Statute 32:212, in the event there is no crosswalk in the intersection, they must yield to all vehicles. Assistant to the Shreveport police chief, Bill Goodin, these laws are implicated to keep both drivers and pedestrians aware at all times, to provide guidelines and keep them safe. Whatever the case may be, if you were a pedestrian and hit by a car or other motor vehicle while crossing the road the likelihood of your being injured is great, leaving you with extensive medical bills and lost wages.

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