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Garage Gate Knocks Valet Worker Unconscious

Being a valet can be an overwhelming job as it is, to make sure that you retrieve the proper car for the owner, that you do not misplace the keys, and most of all that you do not scratch or otherwise wreck their vehicle. The pressure is high for a valet, and yet they go about their job in a specific procedure to ensure that their customer's cars are well protected during the process. In November of 2011, Jose Perez was at work and likely had no idea his job would knock him unconscious. According to reports, this man worked at the Hyatt Regency in New Orleans when he was injured on the job. He claims that as he entered into the parking garage in order to pick up a customer's parked car, the metal parking garage gate quickly fell from the ceiling and hit his head with great force.

Sadly, the gate did not just fall and hit him once, but rather it continued to malfunction and bounced off his head and face multiple times causing severe lacerations. This worker was knocked completely unconscious from the incident and is now filing a lawsuit against the gate manufacturers RCN Inc. and Rytec Corporation in order to hold them accountable for their negligence in their product. The claim against the defendants specifically states that they failed to warn others about the potential dangers of it suddenly crashing down while people are walking underneath. Jose Perez is seeking compensation for his injuries which included internal head trauma, scarring, lacerations and loss of consciousness.

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