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Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Choosing to ride a motorcycle instead of a regular motor vehicle has its many advantages. Not only is it more fuel effective, as you are paying for gas for an object that holds just you; but also you are able to make your way through traffic, often getting to your desired locations in a much more timely fashion. Unfortunately, as with any good thing there are disadvantages as well—accidents. While these accidents may not occur as often as car collisions, they can be just as dangerous, if not fatal. Unfortunately, the number of deaths caused by motorcycle accidents is still extremely high, and per mile there is a 35% greater chance of death in a motorcycle accident as opposed to a regular motor vehicle. Awareness on the road plays a huge role when it comes to riding your bike, and if you are a motorcyclist having an understanding of the many common causes of accidents is beneficial for you the next time you get on the seat.

Head on collisions are common for motorcycle accidents, and actually account for over half of the accidents that had fatalities. Out of all motorcycle crashes, 78% of these are actually head on collisions, with only 5% of accidents being a motor vehicle rear ending a bike. Sadly, in the event of a head on collision, the motorist has much less chance of survival than the vehicle driver. When a car makes a left hand turn, this can also be extremely dangerous for the motorists and it is the cause of 42% of all accidents between a motor bike and a car. How do these collisions occur? This can happen either when the motorcycle is passing a car, going straight through the intersection when the car is turning, or the bike is trying to beat the car.

Obviously, another vehicle can be found doing all of these options, however when it is a motorcycle there is a great chance of severe injuries as opposed to having the protection of a vehicle. It is important to realize that in most cases if an accident occurs when a car is making a left hand turn, they will usually be the one considered liable for the accident, even in the event of a motorcycle trying to pass the car, though not always. For example, if the motorcyclist was trying to pass the car, they may receive less compensation from the lawsuit as a result; discuss your concerns with an attorney for a better understanding.

Another common cause of motorcycle accidents are caused when there is a motorcyclist splitting the lanes between two cars. This is most common in the event of heavier traffic, as the bikes are able to fit between the cars and therefore continue on their travels, unlike the car. The motorcyclist must be aware of a few factors that can make them more susceptible to an accident such as: being too close to the cars, being aware of the smaller space available to maneuver, and the fact that many cars don't expect motorcycles to sneak up behind them between the lanes. In traffic these vehicle drivers may not expect to have a biker come up from behind them, and without fully looking before switching lanes. Many accidents occur because of this, which is why all drivers need to be extra focused on their surroundings; both motorist and car drivers alike.

There are many more causes for motorcycle accidents that can result in severe injuries as well as deaths. In the event you or someone you know were involved in a motorcycle accident caused by the negligent or careless acts of another driver, contact a Shreveport injury attorney at Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers today for the legal representation you need during this time, we want to help you fight for the compensation you deserve!