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Six Hospitalized After School Bus Accident in Southeast Louisiana

On Wednesday, December 18, one school bus and two cars were involved in an accident, injuring four students and two adults. One car was overturned in the collision, and two people in that vehicle had to be hospitalized. The four students who were hospitalized were sent for treatment as a precaution, according to police. Police officers said that one of the drivers is going to be cited for violating a traffic signal.

Though details on this bus accident are sparse, it does appear that one irresponsible individual is at fault for a serious accident. Of course, accidents will happen despite everyone's best efforts, but too many accidents are highly preventable. Sometimes all it takes is one driver recklessly deciding to run through a red light, or at other times a driver takes to the road seriously inebriated, causing a drunk driving accident. Whatever the circumstances, when another driver violates their duties in driving responsibly, this can result in serious damages, physical as well as economic, as severe injuries not only inflict physical and emotional suffering, but they also lead to lengthy medical bills and perhaps time off work too.

Whenever someone else is at fault for your accident, you should not have to be the one that pays. Unfortunately, no matter how much you may deserve compensation, the process is not always straightforward. Even collecting from your own insurance company can be a hassle, one that can leave you with a low settlement or a denied claim.

If an accident was particularly serious, or if the other person's negligence was especially severe, you may be able to also file a personal injury lawsuit, a complex and technical matter. In order to fight against insurance bad faith, or to pursue the full compensation you are owed in a personal injury claim, contact Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers. Our legal team has decades of experience. Find out what a skilled Shreveport personal injury lawyer can do for you when you call us today!