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Roofer Sues for Injuries Sustained from Electrical Lines

According to the plaintiff's claim, he was doing a roofing job at an apartment complex last year when he was shocked by his metal ladder. The lawsuit says a live and uninsulated electrical line created an electric arc to the ladder, thus shocking and severely injuring him. The plaintiff is alleging that high voltage electric wires were negligently placed too close to the apartments and too close to the ground. The defendants, energy companies, are accused of not inspecting their lines and doing shoddy installation work. He is seeking damages for physical and emotional pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages, diminished future wages, scarring, and more.

Unfortunately, workplace accidents can be all too common. And when they do take place, you could be faced with soaring medical bills even as you are missing out on pay at work. Normally speaking, you should be entitled to a fair amount from workers' compensation. But this may be far from simple. For instance, your injury might get downplayed, meaning a decrease in compensation. When you need to pursue the full payout you are owed, a personal injury lawyer can be of invaluable assistance. And if you have suffered from a particularly egregious accident, where someone else was clearly at fault for your injuries, then you could deserve additional compensation from a personal injury claim.

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