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After Elevator Door Shuts on Her, Woman Files Personal Injury Claim

A woman has filed a lawsuit in New Orleans against two companies and an insurer for an accident she said occurred earlier this year. According to her claim, she was a patron at the building when she stepped into an elevator, and the door suddenly clamped shut on the left side of her body. The woman is blaming this serious accident on the company's negligence, on their failing to maintain and inspect the elevator, to meet industry standards, and to uphold their duty to keep the premises safe. She is suing for physical and mental suffering, for the costs of her medical treatment, lost earnings and loss of earning capacity, disability, and more.

The reason that there are many types of premises liability cases is that unfortunately, all sorts of severe accidents can occur when a property owner fails to keep the premises reasonably safe. Whether an owner fails to maintain the place or surrounding equipment in good order or is negligent in providing security, innocent people can suffer the consequences. If a slip and fall accident results in broken bones, or if a dog bite creates painful injuries, the victims could be faced with extensive medical bills, even as they are missing pay because of their inability to work.

If you or a loved one have suffered from another person's negligence, then you should not have to be the one who pays any further. If you can secure ample compensation, your medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more could be covered. Learn how much your case could be worth when you contact Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers. Our legal team has decades of experience. If you work with a Shreveport personal injury lawyer from our firm, you can know that your case is in the hands of a skilled and dedicated legal advocate.