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Seaman Files Lawsuit for Workplace Accident

While at work, a New Orleans employee is said to have fallen 30 feet before hitting the ground head-first. The man was going up a ladder on the ship where he worked, and the ladder allegedly broke under him, causing him to fall headlong for thirty feet. The lawsuit claims says that the man sustained head and back injuries, and that he also suffered damage along his neck and shoulder. He is said to have been hospitalized.

The man is suing three shipping companies for not having inspected the ladder, for faulty design, and for other instances of negligence, all in violation of OSHA and other federal regulations. This plaintiff is seeking compensation for medical costs, pain and suffering, earning capacity, disfigurement, and more.

There are number of regulations in place, even in hazardous jobs, as employees have a right to a safe workplace. While these rules can never completely eliminate accidents, failure to adhere to these regulations is the source of many injuries and deaths that should never have happened. Regardless of the source of your injury though, you are likely owed coverage from workers' compensation.

You may have further grounds for a lawsuit. Manufacturers can make shoddy materials, or fail to give proper warnings about the hazards. Supervisors or employers may know of certain dangers and not give employees a warning, or they may fail to properly train workers about necessary precautions. A coworker might operate machinery recklessly, or could otherwise violate safety regulations. If anyone else's negligence is the source of your suffering, then you may be entitled to compensation.

If you need help getting a fair amount from your employer's insurance, get an experienced worker's compensation lawyer on your side. If you or a loved one were in a workplace accident caused by someone else's negligence, then work with a Shreveport personal injury lawyer to get the settlement you deserve. Contact Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers to learn what a firm with decades of experience can do for you.