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Cycling "Dooring" Accidents

Are you currently wondering what on earth "dooring" means? Simply put, dooring is a tragic incident that a cyclist on the road experiences when a motorist opens their car door as they are riding past them on the street. According to a recent article from a writer in Toronto, cyclists there call these incidents as a "door prize," though it is one present that no rider ever wants to receive. While these incidents may sound somewhat comical when using a phrase like this, dooring is actually a very big concern among the cycling community, as an accident can potentially have fatal results in the most tragic of cases.

Urban cycling consultant, Yvonne Bambrick claims that cyclists dooring is potentially the biggest danger for those who ride around in the urban communities as there is very minimal space for bike riders to travel without being in harm's way of a swinging door. A large number of people are facing serious injuries or even death as a result of these accidents. For a bike rider, traveling outdoors is a way to commute on a budget while also enjoying the fresh air. And when a motorist opens their door without looking and a cyclist crashes into the door, there is the potential for a tragic accident. These riders can be not only hurt from the collision itself, but also they may be thrown into the street and possible be hit or run over by another oncoming vehicle.

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