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Texting Deemed the Cause of 2011 Helicopter Fatal Crash

As many will say, texting and driving is extremely dangerous and can have fatal results; well now reports are showing that it can have the same effects for those who are in the air as well. The Los Angeles Times reports that a medical helicopter crash that occurred in August of 2011 was deicide that the pilot's texting while flying was one of the main factors in what lead to the crash that claimed the life of four people.

The National Transportation Safety Board comprised of five individuals, states that the accident that killed four people was caused not only by a pilot who was texting a lady friend, as records showed; but also for extreme exhaustion and failure to comply in pre-flight checks. The NTSB states that the pilot failed to have these checks done before takeoff, therefore he was unaware of the fact his helicopter was extremely low on fuel. Once he was in the air, and realized the low fuel he should have immediately landed and waited for fuel to be delivered to him; and he also field to do this away.

This medical helicopter company is a nationally used service that is depended on to transport both patients and organs for the purpose of saving lives, not taking them. The Chairman of the NTSG, Deborah Hersman, claims that they have seen a growing trend of people who are attempting to multitask while operating heavy machinery and this is a very dangerous thing to see. Whether these are drivers behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, or a pilot operating an EMS helicopter; the primary and only concern they should have is safe transportation, and nothing else.

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