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Dentist Investigated for Exposing Patients to HIV

We often do to our dentists or doctors, hoping that they will be able to do something to help us. Whether it is a little tooth ache that needs a cavity filling put in, or it is the first stages of cancer you are praying that your daughter can be cured of; a lot of hope and faith goes into not only the education of our medical professionals, but also their ethical standards in what they do. Sadly, this is not always the case, and when our medical professionals offer substandard care, lives are placed in real danger.

This was the case for many victims in Tulsa, Oklahoma; who because of their dentist's carelessness allowed thousands of individuals to be exposed to dirty needs used for oral surgery. According to reports, between W. Scott Harrington's Tulsa and Owasso clinic locations, there were over 3,000 patients who were exposed to dangerous diseases. Health departments have check a number of these possibility infected individuals and at this point there are 57 victims who tested positive for hepatitis C, another 3 for Hep B, and so far one victim with HIV.

Many of the patients within his community are disgusted and saddened by this man's behavior, because they all trusted him to give the care the needed. One victim claims that she went in to have her wisdom teeth removed, and afterwards she was experiencing more pain that she should have. Finally, after realizing that there was something wrong, she went to the doctor and learned that there was an infection, and the antibiotics didn't help, it eventually lead to other symptoms such as rashes, fever as well as signs of liver problems. This patient was tested, and though she does not have any of the avocet mentioned diseases, it is very likely that her illnesses are related to her doctor's actions.

Many of these patients claim that they felt betrayed by their health provider, the person whom they placed their trust in. At this time, the situation is still under investigation and the authorities remain uncertain as to what the source of the infection may have been. According to reports by the Oklahoma Board of Dentistry, Harrington's practice had received a complaint before noting that the they were using old and rusty needles for the patients and then they would use bleach to cover them up. However, bleach does not help with sanitation if the tools are porous, and this was the case for the tools at this office.

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