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California Teen Arrested for DUI Accident, 5 Dead

An 18 year old man was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol when he was involved in a car accident that lead to the death of 5 family members our of 7 that were in the van he rear ended. According to reports he was driving at dangerously high speeds, which is why the impact of the crash caused five passengers in the van to be ejected from the car, killing them at the scene of the accident. His SUV is said to have essentially crushed into their family van, and because the five victims weren’t wearing seatbelts, their lives were lost.

Reports show that the remaining two family members were severely injured and are currently being treated at the local hospital. The fatal accident took place in the early hours of Saturday morning in Nevada on the Interstate 15. According got police reports, when the SUV collided into his van, it caused the van to quickly spin around and overturn on the highway, leaving only two survivors in critical condition today. At this time, the suspect is being held in jail with a $3.5 million bail form he Las Vegas detention center.

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