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2 Children's Bodies Recovered Under Dirt on NC Construction Site

In Lincoln County, North Carolina parents received the news that every person fears; that their children were found dead. According to reports, at a home construction site in NC, two young children who were believed to be cousins fell into a 25 foot deep hole after a dirt wall collapsed, crushing them underneath. The parents contacted the local authorities Sunday afternoon after the dirt collapsed while they were playing. Sadly, the emergency response team was not able to remove the bodies of the 7 year old boy or the 6 year old girl until many hours later, though it was too late.

The first child was located in the dirt early Monday morning, and the other found just an hour afterwards. While the rescue team conducted the search as if the children were still alive, knowing how long they had been trapped under the heavy dirt, it was lily that they wouldn't have had survived. The officials on the scene claim hat their teams responded to the 911 call within minutes around 5 p.m. on Sunday though by the time they arrived, the children were trapped and it took nearly 12 hours for the rescue, only to discover the kids were dead.

The construction site was owed by a man from Charlotte who began the work, digging with a backhoe just the day before the incident. Officials are still uncertain as to whether or not the owner had the proper permits to build on that site; the cause of the accident is also still unknown. However, reporters do share that when the responders arrived at the scene had to reinforce some of the dirt walls; there is a chance that the site was not following the proper standards for safety on a site either.

Premises liability is when the owner of a property is responsible for the injury or death of a victim because of their unsafe environment. And while this may or may not be the case for these children, it happens often. If you or someone you know is a victim of premises liability or wrongful death, contact Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers today for the Shreveport injury lawyer you deserve!