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Train With Toxic Materials Derails in Claiborne

In Claiborne Parish, Louisiana, five rail cars with hazardous materials careened off the track, posing a danger to residents in the area. Thankfully, KSLA reports that the materials did not leak out of the tumbled train cars. Despite the fact that the materials didn’t spill into the roads, the authorities cordoned off a one-mile radius surrounding the site of the accident as a precaution. The nearest occupied home to the accident is about two miles from the derailment.

Local news reports that the train derailment happened on September 17th in the late afternoon. The cars contained five chemicals including chlorine, sulphur, benzene, methyl, and alkamide. Hazardous chemical technicians were dispatched to come handle the dangerous, combustible chemicals that can have adverse health effects if they are inhaled. While the containers didn’t leak during the accident, the technicians were worried that as they moved the cars back onto the track they might start to ooze dangerous chemicals. According to the last report on KSLA, authorities are still strategizing as to how to get the train cars back onto the track without exposing the chemicals. Authorities and hazardous chemical professionals are assessing the situation before making a move.

No deaths or injuries have been reported as a result of the derailment. If the chemicals had leaked, and men and women in nearby residencies were affected by the breathable substances, then they would have the right to sue Louisiana & North West Railroad for the accident. This is because they suffered damage to their health because of someone else’s negligence. Normally, hazardous materials claims are handled in the court as toxic torts. A toxic tort, by definition, is a lawsuit involving injury or death due to a toxic chemical exposure. Talk to a lawyer at Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers l if you have a toxic tort case that you want to pursue today.