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Pediatricians Claim Trampolines are Too Dangerous for Kids

Every year, kids ask for trampolines for Christmas or their birthday. These bouncy platforms have frequently been regarded as a great way for kids to get good exercise while still having a fun time with friends. Yet pediatricians are now speaking out against trampolines and saying that the American Academy of Pediatrics does not believe trampolines should be used at the home.

In 2009, there were about 98,000 trampoline-related injuries in the United States which resulted in approximately 3,100 hospital visits. Trampoline injury rates have gone down since 2004, when an estimated 111.800 people were hurt jumping on these bouncy platforms. Still, the AAP says that the potential for serious injury remains. About 50 percent of all injuries from trampolines are to the lower extremities. They are injuries like ankle sprain or broken legs. About 10 to 17 percent of all trampoline injuries are to the head or neck.

Pediatricians say that most of the injuries that they see occur when the child hits the outer rim of the trampoline. While most trampolines have padding to minimize the damage of the metal, it isn’t always enough. Smaller jumpers have 14 times the likelihood of being injured as a heavier jumper and up to 40 percent of all trampoline injuries occur from a fall. 20 percent of all injuries come when the child has direct contact with the spring frame that is around the outer edge of the trampoline.

The AAP says that those who do decide to let their children jump on the trampoline should still be increasingly cautious and watch them at all times. By being careful, you may be able to reduce your child’s risk of injury from a trampoline accident. If your loved one was in someone else’s care at the time of an accident, then you may be able to sue that person for neglect and for failing to observe your child’s safety. Contact a personal injury attorney at our law firm today for more information!