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One Thousand Plaintiffs Head to Court for Actos Lawsuit

Over one thousand plaintiffs have come alongside the families of two men who died of bladder cancer that can be linked back to the diabetes medication Actos. According to Equities, the two families who lost their husbands and fathers to bladder cancer are suing Takeda Pharmaceuticals, the drug maker Eli Lilly, and all subsidiaries. The two families are not alone. Over one thousand others have filed similar wrongful death and personal injury lawsuits against Actos after losing their loved ones to bladder cancer that can be traced back to the dangerous medication.

Studies have shown that the drug can develop the cancer in patients. While some have been able to overcome the cancer with the help of painful chemotherapy treatments, other victims have not been so lucky. Even those that survive typically leave the hospital with piles of medical bills and months of lost wages which set them back financially.

That is why so many families are going against the creators of Actos in order to get the money that they believe that they rightfully deserve. The families are claiming that the drug maker has committed willful and malicious evidence because the company knew that the drug had the potential to cause patients to develop bladder cancer. Actos was approved for use on the market in 1999 by the Food and Drug Administration to treat Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus.

Ever since, scientists have proven over and over again that while the medication regulates diabetes it may be giving patients and even worse illness. The FDA has not suspended the use of the medication yet in the United States, but on June 15th they finally issued a Public Safety Announcement which warned patients about the Actos bladder cancer link. If you would like to join the thousands of others who are litigating against Actos, contact a personal injury lawyer today at our firm to get started!