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Louisiana Handling West Nile Virus Outbreak

One Louisiana resident was recently killed as a result of the West Nile Virus outbreak that has surfaced in the state. Nine other people have been affected by the illness and are currently in hospitals fighting the disease. So far in 2012, 12 people have died from West Nile and about 321 cases have been reported. This is the most infections since the virus began showing up in Louisiana over a decade ago. West Nile Virus is a fatal illness that causes the brain and the spinal cord to become inflamed. This can often put pressure on the brain and eventually cause the victim to pass away. While the virus can be treated, some do not recover. Sometimes the illness can turn into neuroinvasive disease which can then turn into a very painful illness that affects the nerves.

Since 2002, 24 people in Louisiana have perished as a result of this disease. West Nile Virus travels in mosquitos, which deposit the virus when they bite a victim and feed off of his or her blood. Just because you are bit my a mosquito does not mean that you will get the virus, but the danger is heightened in areas where there is stagnant water. Parishes in Louisiana have been trying to eliminate the risk of the illness by spraying pesticides to kill off the insects, and health officials have been encouraging families to take responsibility and lower the risk of infection. If you live near a pool of stagnant water, then you should contact the person who owns the property and express concern. If you develop West Nile Virus and can trace the source to a neighbor’s stagnant pool or a water source that the city will not attend to, then you may be able to sue for personal injury and premises liability. Contact a lawyer at our firm today if you want more information about West Nile Virus Lawsuits.