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Have you been injured while on the job in Longview, Texas?

Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers have a specialized Longview, Texas legal team with experience in workers’ compensation cases that can help you recover the compensation you deserve. When you've been hurt at work, and you don't know what to do, our workers' comp lawyers can help you pursue the benefits you require. Because of our firm's size and stellar reputation, we're capable of helping clients from all industries, like:

  • Food service
  • Law enforcement
  • Oil drilling
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Emergency response
  • Healthcare

If you were injured at work, first tell your employer, then tell us. The faster we can get started on your case, the better the chances that we'll be able to secure the most favorable outcome for you. Even if you have already filed a workers' compensation claim that was denied, we may be able to help you.

What Workers' Comp Benefits Are Available to You in Longview, Texas?

Workers' compensation is beneficial for employers and employees. It can financially support an injured employee until they have fully recovered and can return to work. It can also allow them to rest comfortably, recover more quickly, and return to work sooner, making workers' comp a win-win for both parties. This is why you need to receive all the benefits available to you. It's also why your employer should support your claim rather than fighting it.

Workers' comp can include benefits like:

  • Permanent disability pay
  • Temporary disability pay
  • 100% coverage of medical bills
  • Vocational rehabilitation
  • Death benefits (in fatal cases)

Texas has its own rules and regulations for workers' comp. To fully understand what benefits are available to you in Longview, contact our firm directly to speak with one of our Longview workers' comp lawyers.

Is Every Injured Worker Eligible for Workers' Comp in Longview?

Not all Longview employees are covered by workers' compensation. Texas law provides exceptions for who must be covered under workers' comp. Texas is the only state that does not require employers to purchase workers' comp insurance to cover their employees. It's possible that if you were hurt in Longview, you might not even have the option to file a claim for workers' compensation, which is why it helps to discuss your situation with a Longview workers’ compensation lawyer.

Should You Have Workers' Compensation in Longview?

Employers in Longview, TX, aren't required to cover their workers with workers' comp benefits. However, many businesses still choose to do so, as it protects them from liability when a workplace accident does occur. If your employer doesn't have workers' compensation, you may be able to sue them directly if their negligence contributed to your accident.

How Does Workers’ Compensation Work in Longview, TX?

Workers' comp is state-regulated insurance that provides injured workers with benefits such as medical and income coverage. However, it only works if their employer subscribes to workers' compensation.

It's important to note that the injury you suffer must be work-related to be eligible for worker's comp. You must have received the injury while working or in connection to your working duties.

What Should You Do After Being Injured on the Job?

After sustaining a workplace injury, you should adhere to the following steps:

  1. Report your injury to your employer.
  2. Seek medical services.
  3. Consult with an experienced Longview workers' comp lawyer before you file your workers' comp claim.

Types of Texas Workers' Comp Benefits You May Qualify for in Longview

There are four different kinds of workers' comp benefits that you may be eligible to receive in Longview, Texas. These are:

  1. Temporary
  2. Impairment
  3. Supplemental
  4. Lifetime

Temporary Workers' Comp Benefits in Longview

You might be eligible for temporary income benefits if your work-related injuries caused you to lose some of your wages for at least seven days. These temporary benefits are paid weekly.

Impairment Workers' Comp Benefits in Longview

You may be eligible to receive impairment workers' comp benefits if your work-related injuries affect your body as a whole. These impairment benefits are also paid out weekly. To qualify for these impairment benefits, you must be assessed by a healthcare provider who will calculate an impairment rating. The impairment rating is the percentage of permanent damage your body has sustained.

Supplemental Workers' Comp Benefits in Longview

You may be eligible for supplemental workers' compensation benefits if you:

  • Have been assessed with an impairment rating of at least 15%
  • Have not returned to work or returned and earned less than 80% of your previous weekly wage due to your injury
  • Can prove you are actively seeking employment
  • Did not accept a lump sum payment for your work-related injury

Lifetime Workers' Comp Benefits in Longview

You may be eligible for lifetime income benefits through workers' compensation. Some work-related injuries may impair your ability to work for the rest of your life. In these cases, you may be entitled to lifetime workers' compensation benefits. These benefits are paid out weekly.

Examples of conditions that have made previous workers eligible include:

  • Permanent paralysis of limbs
  • Loss of both hands
  • Loss of both feet
  • Loss of sight in both eyes
  • Third-degree burns covering at least 40% of the body

Many other conditions could make you eligible for lifetime workers' compensation benefits. The best decision is to speak with one of the experts on our Longview workers' comp legal team. We will be able to answer all of your questions, assess the strength of your workers' compensation claim, and guide you through the next steps.

Our 5-Star Longview Workers’ Comp Lawyers Are Standing by to Help You 24/7

It can become complicated if you're attempting to figure out your workers' compensation options on your own — especially after sustaining a work-related injury. You should be allowed to rest and focus on healing so you can return to work healthy and whole. For this, turn to Morris & Dewett's 5-Star Longview workers' comp lawyers to sort everything out for you.

We are proud to offer high-quality support and legal expertise in workers' compensation rights. Our legal team is here to protect the rights of the honest, hard-working people of Longview, Texas. We'll offer you the support you need during this difficult time. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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