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Accidents can occur anywhere, at any time. They can happen on private, commercial, or industrial property and public areas. When a property is unsafe, it is more likely to become the site of an accident. Victims of unsafe properties in Longview, Texas have legal recourse to receive justice and compensation.

If you've been injured, no matter what type of property you were on, you can count on Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers to provide unmatchable legal representation and powerful advocacy every step of the way. Contact us to get the help, answers, and support you need to pursue a premises liability suit.

About Premises Liability in Longview, TX

Premises liability holds property owners, managers, and landlords responsible for the accidents and injuries on their properties. Premises liability is based on the concept that the responsible parties owe a duty of care to their visitors. These visitors have a right to expect a reasonable level of safety when they visit the premises.

When it comes to premises liability, you must understand that:

  • Key to the case is the responsible parties' knowledge and oversight. If the person in charge of the property knew or should have known about the danger, they must either neutralize it or warn you about it. If they fail to take action to prevent the accident, they may be held liable for any harm that befalls a visitor due to the danger on their property.
  • The law typically excludes trespassers from premises liability protections. Visitors who are specifically invited or otherwise permitted to enter the property can lodge a premises liability case when they are injured at the property.
  • Trespassers generally do not have a claim, as they were never legally permitted to be on the property — there are a few exceptions to the rule, though.

It's best to consult an experienced Longview premises liability lawyer to check the validity of your claim.

What Types of Accidents Lead to Premises Liability Cases in Longview, TX?

Premises liability cases often center around accidents resulting from:

  • Slips, trips, and falls
  • Falling from height, like stairs or balconies
  • Falling objects or merchandise when items aren't properly secured
  • Security failures, like faulty door locks and missing surveillance cameras
  • Parking lot accidents due to poor lot design, insufficient lighting, or poor maintenance
  • Swimming pool accidents, perhaps from a lack of safety enclosures or absence of lifeguards
  • Entertainment venue accidents, like security failures, crowd stampedes, and stage collapses

Many accidents occur in a workplace setting. Property owners, landlords, and managers aren't the only ones who may be found liable for the victim's injuries.

If you or a loved one are hurt while on someone else's property, the Longview premises liability lawyers at Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers can help. We handle all premises liability claims, and we're highly persuasive in court and settlement negotiations.

If you were hurt while on a dangerous property, we can help you understand the legal remedies available. We'll help you fight for justice.

What Should You Do After an Accident on Someone's Property?

No one expects to be injured while visiting another's property. However, if an accident does occur, and anyone is moderately hurt or worse, call 911 ASAP.

Here are a few other steps that can help you protect your rights and ensure an easier road to prevailing in a premises liability claim:

  • Seek medical help immediately. Doctors help stop injuries from worsening. They can also document your physical injuries from the accident. If medical care isn't called to the scene of the accident, then visit an emergency room or your physician as soon as you can following the accident. The longer you wait to receive medical attention, the more likely you will complicate your Longview premises liability case.
  • Report the accident to an authority on-site. The on-site authority may be a landlord, business owner, store manager, or property owner. Depending on the type of location, the on-site authority may be required to write up a detailed accident report. This report may be helpful to your premises liability claim.
  • Gather evidence. Take pictures of the scene, gather medical bills, and obtain witness contact information. If there are any broken or unsafe features, be sure to take pictures to document them.
  • Don't talk to anyone about the accident, except your premises liability lawyer. Someone could use your words against you, so be careful what you say and avoid giving specific facts.
  • Speak with a Longview premises liability attorney, such as those at Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers. Our legal team can help you figure out your next steps.

Do You Have a Case for Premises Liability?

Our Longview premises liability legal team will need to know a few details to determine if you have a valid claim. Be prepared to answer the following questions:

  • Where did the accident occur?
  • When did the accident happen?
  • What caused the accident? How did it occur, as far as you know?
  • What injuries did the medical team diagnose?
  • What happened immediately following the accident?
  • Were you at work when the accident occurred?
  • When did you see a doctor?

There is limited time to pursue a premises liability claim in Longview, Texas, so don't wait any longer. Call Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers today.

What Compensation Can You Receive for Premises Liability Claims?

Successful premises liability cases can include awards for economic and non-economic damages, like:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages and benefits
  • Lost future earnings
  • Property damage
  • Loss of consortium
  • Pain and suffering
  • Funeral expenses (after a deadly accident)

An Experienced Premises Liability Lawyer Is Ready to Help

At Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers, our 5-star Longview premises liability lawyers are dedicated to fighting for the injured. We have been advocating for justice for more than 20 years. We prevail against the most formidable adversaries to aid accident victims in their court cases.

We can manage every detail of your case and set it up for optimal resolutions. This allows you time to rest and focus on healing. Our contingency policy means you don't pay us if we don't win compensation. This helps alleviate your financial burdens while making the road to justice just a bit easier to embark on.

If you've been hurt on someone's Longview, Texas property, you may feel like you face an uphill battle trying to receive the compensation you deserve. But you don't need to fight that battle alone. Morris & Dewett's outstanding team of Longview premises liability lawyers can help. Contact us today.

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