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Failing to yield is the third most common driver error that causes deadly motor vehicle accidents (source: III). While some drivers intentionally defy rights-of-way and refuse to yield, others may fail to yield because they simply aren’t paying attention. Regardless, those reckless and careless motorists can be liable for the damage and trauma they cause when their failures to yield result in wrecks.

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What is 'Yielding' & How Does Failure to Yield Cause Car Crashes?

Yielding on the roads means that you let others pass or go first and that you only proceed when it’s safe to do. As such, yielding can be vital to the safe flow of traffic, especially wherever multiple vehicles converge while:

  • Traveling at different speeds
  • Merging from different roadways
  • Passing through intersections

Consequently, drivers who fail to yield — based on traffic laws, traffic signals, or road signage — can cause auto wrecks by:

  • Running red lights
  • Making illegal or risky maneuvers in roundabouts
  • Hitting pedestrians in crosswalks or cyclists in bike lanes
  • Sideswiping motorcyclists in their blind spots
  • Entering others’ risky blind spots, like 18-wheelers’ “no zones”
  • Dangerously passing emergency vehicles or school buses
  • Being anywhere others don’t expect them to be

Of course, the drivers of passenger vehicles aren’t the only ones whose yielding failures can play a role in causing collisions. Other travelers, including pedestrians, motorcyclists, and commercial drivers, may fail to yield and end up contributing to serious car accidents.

Why Do Motorists Fail to Yield?

Drivers may fail to yield for several reasons, including (but not limited to):

  • Inexperience: Some motorists may simply not understand the rules of the road, especially in trickier situations, like when traffic signals aren’t working. In some cases, inexperience with a specific area, rather than inexperience behind the wheel, can cause drivers to overlook yield signs and laws.
  • Distraction: Inattentive drivers can miss essential signs, signals, or cues that they need to yield. In fact, even if distracted drivers realize at the last minute that they need to yield, they may not have enough time to slow down (or stop) and avoid a crash.
  • Intoxication: Drunk drivers can overlook and overreact to cues that they need to yield. These motorists are also slower to respond and more likely to speed. That combination of factors can make it much more difficult for drunk drivers to safely yield when they need to.
  • Fatigue: Exhausted motorists tend to exhibit the same impairments as drunk drivers, including slow reactions, perception problems, and difficulties staying awake behind the wheel. Any of those accident-heightening risks could mean that drowsy drivers don’t realize they need to yield or that they don’t yield appropriately.
  • Road rage: Angry drivers can blatantly disregard rights-of-way, yielding signs, and the rules of the road in general to “get back” at others on the roads.

No matter why other drivers fail to yield, they can be held liable for the crashes caused by their traffic violations. They may not be the only at-fault parties, though.

How Do I Prove Failure to Yield Caused My Car Accident?

Going over the facts and circumstances of your crash is generally the starting point for figuring out fault and how to establish liability for a failure to yield car accident case. As you do this, it’s crucial to:

  • Carry out an exhaustive investigation: This process can unearth new evidence and, in some cases, new liable parties.
  • Review various evidence: Accident photos, police reports, and witness statements could be just the beginning of the evidence that’s important to supporting a failure to yield accident claim.
  • Consult a lawyer: An attorney at Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers can help you determine the best strategies and evidence for proving fault and proceeding with a failure to yield accident case.

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