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While all motor vehicle accidents have the potential to cause severe injuries and massive damage, bus accidents are practically guaranteed to cause these outcomes. The size and weight of a bus are simply too large compared to the average vehicle, so the force behind a crash will be enormous. To make matters worse, passengers inside a bus usually have no restraints or safety systems to protect them, so they can be just as badly injured in a wreck as a motorist in the car that was hit.

Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers in Bossier City can help you explore your legal options if you were seriously injured in a bus accident. We lend our legal talents to motorists and passengers alike. The bottom line is that if you were hurt due to a bus driver’s or bus company’s negligence, then we want to secure full compensation on your behalf.

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Bus Accidents Caused by Private & Public Buses

Our law firm is highly experienced in handling all sorts of accident cases, including those caused by private buses and public buses. Private and public bus companies need to adhere to different sets of regulations, but both owe it to the general public to do everything they can to prevent accidents. After a bus accident, please take pictures of the bus that caused the wreck and collect any contact information from the bus driver, which should include employer information. We can use this information to better know what sort of opposition we are going to be up against as your case progresses.

We can handle bus accident cases involving these types of buses and more:

  • City buses
  • Charter buses
  • School buses
  • Private or party buses

What Causes Bus Accidents?

Underneath any bus accident case, there is a cause, which is rooted in some form of negligence. Part of our job as your legal team will be to figure out how the bus driver or bus company acted negligently. When we establish negligence, we can also establish liability. This process is used to ensure that you get the most compensation possible to pay for your incurred damages.

An investigation might reveal that your bus accident was caused by:

  • General negligence: Drivers need to pay full attention to the road to never make a mistake that causes an accident. Yet general negligence leads to millions of motor vehicle accidents each year. Bus drivers can act in the same negligent ways, like speeding or changing lanes without signaling, causing catastrophic accidents.
  • Unfamiliarity with the bus’s size: A new bus driver or a bus driver who is driving a specific type of bus for the first time might struggle with understanding the bus’s true size when in traffic. This unfamiliarity with the bus’s size increases the risk of causing an accident, especially a sideswipe accident.
  • Intoxication: On-the-job negligence can take many forms. For people who work on the road, like bus and truck drivers, intoxication is one of the worst types of negligent acts to engage in while working. A bus driver who has had even one drink will struggle with judging speed and distance, react slower to traffic changes, and be much more likely to swerve while steering the bus.

On the other hand, some bus accidents are not the direct fault of the bus driver. For example, if a bus part defect like a brake failure caused the bus driver to lose control of the vehicle, then the bus part manufacturer could be to blame. Or the bus company that owns the bus could be liable if it did not ensure that the bus was receiving regular maintenance.

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Get our Bossier City bus accident lawyers on your side today if you were recently injured due to the negligence of a bus driver or a bus company. We have been helping clients in rough situations for more than 20 years. It would be our honor to put that much experience in your corner, too.

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