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Hundreds of serious truck accidents happen in Louisiana every year. If you were in one of them, then you might be dealing with the aftermath of your severe injuries. It might not have occurred to you that you could be owed significant compensation from the trucking company that hit you. But how do you get it?

Team up with Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers to take control of your injury claim or lawsuit. Our Alexandria truck accident attorneys are always ready to hear from new and returning clients in need of capable legal counsel. We will strive to settle your case in a timely manner, so you can get the compensation you need to recover sooner than later. But if the opposition won’t play nice, then we will be ready for litigation in court.

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Liable Parties in Truck Accident Cases

Who is liable for your truck accident? The obvious answer is the truck driver who hit you. Yet there might be other parties who should answer for your damages. This is because trucks are driven by one person, but they are operated by entire companies.

Our lawyers know how to investigate a truck accident case to figure out who is liable and why. By uncovering more than one potential defendant, we could give your case a better chance of concluding with the maximum amount of compensation given to you.

In a truck accident, the following parties are often found to be partially liable:

  • Truck driver: If the trucker who hit you has their own commercial trucking insurance policy, then we can file against that to pursue your damages.
  • Trucking company: If the trucker was an employee of a larger trucking company, then we might be able to file against that company’s insurance policy, too. Typically, trucking company insurance policies are much larger than an individual truck’s policy, so it is always worth investigating to see if this is an option.
  • Manufacturer: Some truck accidents are not caused by just trucker error, but by truck manufacturer negligence, too. If a manufactured part failed on a truck, and that failure caused the crash, then we can consider filing against the part manufacturer.
  • Third-party retailer: For truck accidents involving loose cargo or an overturned trailer, some liability might fall on the last party that loaded the trailer. Oftentimes, retailers and grocers, for example, use their own employees to load a truck before it heads to the next destination or the warehouse, which can impart some liability on them in these situations.

When Truckers Violate FMCSA Regulations

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has set a long list of rules and regulations that all commercial truck drivers must follow when on the road. Many truck accidents can be linked back to a violation of one of these important safety rules. If we can prove the trucker violated an FMCSA regulation before hitting you, then it could stack the liability against them.

FMCSA regulations that apply to most commercial trucks include:

  • Truck must not weigh more than 80,000 pounds
  • Truck must not travel faster than posted speed limits for trucks
  • Trucker must not drive for more than 11 hours in a day
  • Trucker must not drive after having any amount of alcohol
  • Trucker must use certain routes when designated or available
  • Cargo must be secured in certain ways based on type and weight

Devastating Truck Accident Injuries

Severe injuries often suffered in truck accidents include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Permanent scarring

Treating such severe injuries can be costly and take years of specialized medical care. When all the medical costs are calculated, they could easily reach hundreds of thousands of dollars or more. For this reason, insurance companies are quick to refute truck accident claims however they can.

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To prepare your case for whatever the insurance company throws at it, leave it all up to us. Our team of Alexandria truck accident attorneys knows how to build a strong case that is backed by clear arguments and convincing evidence. All you need to do while we get to work is rest and focus on your recovery, so you can get back to a comfortable tomorrow as soon as possible.

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